Charity’s work may be halted


By Harry Darkins

The future of a local anti-homophobia charity has been called into question following doubts regarding its value to the community.

The Oxfordshire Homophobia Awareness Liaison Team (HALT) was formed in 1998 by members of the gay community who, according to the charity’s website, “felt the police were not treating homophobic hate crime adequately.” Since then, it has developed into a “multi-agency partnership” which works to make Oxfordshire a “safer and more inclusive community for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people”. Continue reading “Charity’s work may be halted”


Financial Times sells lunch with Oxford don on eBay


By Harry Darkins

The Financial Times has sold lunch with Oxford classicist Robin Lane Fox as part of its 2012 Seasonal Appeal.

The online auction for the lunch, which the listing describes as a “unique opportunity,” lasted for ten days and attracted four bidders, who managed to rack up a grand total of £910. Continue reading “Financial Times sells lunch with Oxford don on eBay”

St. Anne’s Ball cut by college JCR


By Harry Darkins

The St Anne’s 2013 ball has been cancelled by the College’s JCR committee, citing financial worries.

During a meeting held on Saturday, members of the JCR committee and the Presidents and Treasurer of the ball committee discussed the financial viability of holding the event during the current academic year.

A secret ballot was then held, in which the JCR committee voted that the JCR “would not financially underwrite the ball under current circumstances.” Continue reading “St. Anne’s Ball cut by college JCR”

John’s RON into election ruckus


By Harry Darkins

John’s was thrown into chaos this weekend after voting for the college’s next JCR President resulted in a surprise victory for R.O.N (Re-Open Nominations).

Candidates Harry Kind and Shyam Thakerar were defeated after only attaining 29 and 31 per cent of the vote respectively to R.O.N’s 40 per cent amidst claims that they were out of touch with the rest of the JCR. Continue reading “John’s RON into election ruckus”

Univ clamp down on unregistered bikes


By Harry Darkins and Ruth Maclean

Students at Univ are up in arms after gardeners forcibly removed a number of bike locks on Monday.

In an email to JCR members, Univ’s JCR Treasurer and Vice-president Robert Natzler described how the College’s gardeners went round with “dazzling temerity”, cutting the locks from bikes that were parked in Logic Lane and not marked with Univ stickers. Continue reading “Univ clamp down on unregistered bikes”

Gay-night club strife deepens


By Harry Darkins

Further drama has struck the Oxford gay scene with the rumoured cancellation of the controversial new club night ‘Popcorn’ due to its lack of popularity.

New evidence has also emerged to suggest that the attempted move of the ‘Poptarts’ club night from Baby Love Bar to The Plush Lounge was financially motivated, rather than as a result of homophobic behaviour as previously claimed. Continue reading “Gay-night club strife deepens”

Trinity evacuated in gas leak scare


By Harry Darkins

A gas leak in Trinity’s beer cellar last Friday prompted an evacuation of the College’s hall, bar and one staircase.

The leak was discovered at around 11pm by bar and hall staff, who became suspicious after smelling gas in the area. Junior deans facilitated an evacuation of the hall and beer cellar areas, which were particularly busy due to a guest night formal being held at the college. Continue reading “Trinity evacuated in gas leak scare”